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Harvard Sports 2019



We are proud to announce that Dr. Verma and Dr. Lohr have attended the highly acclaimed Sports Medicine 2019 CME Course, accredited by Harvard Medical School. The program agenda: State of the Art Approaches to Optimize the Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabiliation, and Prevention of Sports Injuries. Dr. Verma and Dr. Lohr successfully participated and completed additional training in using Ultrasound guidance for procedures. Evidence and research was presented to provide the latest and proven strategies for use of Regenerative Medicine in muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint injuries. Dr. Verma and Dr. Lohr look forward to applying the skills and knowledge acquired from the Doctors and trainers associated with Harvard and Boston’s professional sports teams. Dr. Verma and Dr. Lohr are most excited about their ability to utilize PRP for injury management as well as advanced techniques in physical therapy to treat athletes that participate in: football, gymnastics, running, baseball, hockey, soccer and basketball. Please see blog links for more details.

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