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While you might not consider headaches to be related to your neck, studies show that over 80 percent of headaches actually stem from neck problems. As you become stressed out, the muscles in your shoulders and neck contract, misaligning vertebrae and putting pressure on your nerves. This results in a headache that gives off pain behind the eyes and around the temples and forehead. With an adjustment at our chiropractic care center in the North DFW area, we can help you reduce this debilitating pain. Headaches are more than just an annoying head and neck pain. Over 70 percent of Americans will suffer from headaches so severe that they seek pain treatment from a doctor. Headaches may cause chronic pain or might just pop up once in a while. Headaches can have varied causes, but are usually accompanied by a drop of serotonin in the brain. There are three main kinds of headaches – migraine, tension, and cluster. With migraine headaches, you might experience flashes of light, vomiting, and sensitivity to sound and light that can last for hours or days. Tension headaches are less severe but still produce extreme aching and tightness in the head that lasts for a few hours. Lastly, cluster headaches produce a severe pain on one side of the head only. Regardless of the type of headache you have or its cause, our Dallas doctors can help provide pain relief. We can perform spinal manipulations to relieve pressure in the head and neck, as well as massage or heat and cold therapy to reduce suffering.

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