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People who suffer from fibromyalgia experience extreme pain and sensitivity throughout their body. Other symptoms can include changes in mood, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and having problems with your immune system. While the exact cause is not known, scientists agree that fibromyalgia stems from a problem with the nervous system. Fibromyalgia treatment can include trigger point/nerve block injections, chiropractic massage to soothe painful areas and chiropractic back adjustment to make sure the spine is functioning as well as possible. Patients who suffer from fibromyalgia experience pain throughout their body. Unfortunately, it can be quite a hard problem to diagnose and will require a careful look at the function of your joints and muscles, nutrition, and other lifestyle factors. Once you have been diagnosed, you can receive soft tissue and joint manipulation treatment from a back and spine specialist to help reduce your back pain and spine pain. Chiropractor adjustments at our Dallas back institute can also be paired with acupuncture, massages, electrical stimulation, and therapeutic exercises to provide you with relief from pain in the spine. Fibromyalgia is an extremely painful neurological disease which currently has no known cause. It causes chronic pain in its sufferers that usually cannot be relieved with traditional pain management techniques. The pain is not centered in one specific area and can spread to ligaments, muscles, and tendons throughout your body. Pain from fibromyalgia may be shooting, aching, throbbing, or burning. You might also experience stiffness, headaches, chest pain, numbness, fatigue, or tingling. Our fibromyalgia pain relief regimen includes a number of chiropractic treatments to help you feel better, including spinal manipulations, stimulation therapy, and more.

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