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Arthritis is an extremely painful condition that can limit mobility and flexibility. It is caused when the cartilage that lines your joints wears down, causing inflammation and aching in the area. Arthritis can cause back pain, lower back and hip pain, knee pain, and even soreness in your fingers and toes. In order to treat arthritis and provide back pain relief, we work to help align the body through chiropractic adjustments. Once you are experiencing some relief, we can then recommend exercises to strengthen your body and reduce the strain on joints, lessening the need for pain medication. Arthritis pain occurs because joints in the body become inflamed. Other arthritis symptoms can include stiffness and swelling of the joints throughout the body. Two of the most common kinds of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis pain is caused when the cartilage of the joints wears down, causing the bones to grind against each other. Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the joints, eventually causing the destruction of cartilage. While there may not be a complete cure for arthritis pain, the chronic pain doctors at Posture Perfect Wellness Center can provide a number of arthritis pain remedies. A chiropractic adjustment can ensure all of your joints and muscles are in proper alignment, while strength and flexibility training can provide support for weakened joints. Over time and with extended use, the cartilage of your joints may begin to wear away. This is known as arthritis and can cause extreme damage to your body unless treated right away. It can occur in any joint in your body, but is most commonly seen in the knees and shoulders. Arthritis typically causes knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, and back pain. It makes it very hard to move around and remain active, as you might feel stiffness and have a reduced range of motion after a while. The best treatment for joint pain caused by arthritis is rest, as well as keeping the area elevated and compressed. Additionally, our rehabilitation center can recommend a number of physical therapy exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles and help you regain the ability to move around freely.

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