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Disc herniation


Disc herniation

A herniated disc typically occurs in the neck or low back and is when the padding between your vertebrae weakens and slips out of placed. This can cause low back and neck pain because the displaced padding presses on a nearby nerve. Herniated disc treatment usually includes chiropractic adjustments to make sure spine alignment is correct and relieve pressure from the affected nerve. We can also offer stretching to relieve additional pressure, hot and cold therapy to reduce pain, and exercises to strengthen the affected area.

Herniated Disc Pain

In patients with a herniated disc, the soft cushioning between the vertebrae in the spine has become misaligned. Because of this slipped or bulging disc, the entire spine can be thrown out of alignment, causing low back pain or neck and upper back pain. If this herniated disc isn’t treated in time, it can lead to more problems including sciatica, spinal stenosis, or chronic lower back pain. Luckily, our skilled pain management doctors can offer herniated disc treatment such as spinal manipulations to give your fast pain relief.

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