Harvard Medical School Accredited: "Sports Medicine 2019"

I am thrilled to share with everyone that Dr. Verma and I will be attending a special CME program "Sports Medicine 2019", accredited by Harvard Medical School.  The event will be an excellent opportunity for us to learn from the nations leading authorities in Sports Medicine as well as from Specialists working with Boston's professional sports teams: Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, New England Revolution and New England Patriots.  

Posture Perfect has been treating patients from the Dallas and North Dallas area since 2002 and now will be able to offer cutting edge treatments of sports injuries by being able to incorporate into practice:

Dr. Verma and I will also be participating in a limited availability workshop to receive hands on training with respect to Orthobiologics and Ultrasound-Guided Stem Cell Injections of the Shoulder and Knee.

I am so excited to be receiving training from a Harvard Medical School accredited program so that we at Posture Perfect can better serve patients with an active lifestyle, weekend warriors and elite athletes in 2019.

Please see the event link for more details: https://sportsmedicine.hmscme.com/

Yaron Lohr, DC Clinic Director

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