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When The S**T Hits The Fan

When I am talking with my patients I use the term “The S**T Hits The Fan”


This is what I am talking about.


 Your body is like a bucket, you have a shovel in your hands and you are constantly shoveling Toxins/Stressors into your bucket. Now let’s use me for example. I am 39 years old. For the past 4 decades I have been eating, drinking, breathing, and cleaning with substances that are toxic to my body. (Lets not forget Medicating also). So for 39 years I’ve been taking this stuff in and doing this to myself and the bucket has been getting fuller and fuller.


 Now picture a fan at the top of that bucket. At some point the bucket will get full and “The s**t will hit the fan”. When this happens the body responds with symptoms usually pain, and what do we do? Do we listen to our bodies and try to understand what is really going on? What is the cause of this?


 ABSOLUTELY NOT! We are more concerned with getting back to our daily lives as quickly as possible. So, we either go to the pharmacy or go to the doctor to get some type of medication that will numb our senses. And it works! It works fast and effectively at getting rid of the symptoms and now we can get back to our NORMAL lives and be efficient and effective again at whatever it is we do. So we return to our old ways and continue shoveling s**t into our buckets. But now we have artificially raised our threshold of symptoms, and “the sh**t hitting the fan” is delayed but coming again soon. This represents all of us.


 It’s time for a paradigm shift. Our symptoms of pain are the body’s way of communicating that there is an underlying problem. If we only address the symptoms, the pain may disappear for a while, but the cause of the problem is still there. The body still wants our attention and will adapt and scream louder. The pain will return overriding the treatment.


 Until the underlying problem is addressed this cycle will continue getting more and more intense each time, requiring stronger drugs or more treatments. If we address the cause of the symptom and the symptom at the same time, eventually the body will heal and the symptom will disappear.

Yaron Lohr, DC Clinic Director

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