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Shoulder Pain - Shoulder Impingement

You may be unaware of how much you depend on your shoulders on a daily basis until someone points it out to you. When it comes to shoulder injuries, if you've had one, you've undoubtedly noticed it, and in some cases, you've noticed it on a frequent basis. Shoulder injuries make it difficult to do daily tasks such as exercising, reaching high cupboards for objects, driving a car, and going about your daily routine. When it comes to shoulder soreness, impingement is one of the most often encountered causes. The good news is that a trained chiropractor can aid you in effectively treating this condition, not only alleviating your symptoms but also avoiding them from reoccurring in the future. Find out how a chiropractor may aid you in the treatment of shoulder impingement in this article!

What Is Shoulder Impingement and How Does It Affect You?

For your shoulders to function properly, all of the moveable parts in your shoulders must work in concert with one another. Every part of your clavicle, including the chromium, subacromial bursa, and humerus, is included in the price. Injuries sustained from overuse are the most prevalent cause of shoulder impingement.

Impingement of the shoulder is caused by friction between the acromion, or outer edge of the shoulder blade, and your upper arm bone (rotator cuff). Impingement occurs when the rotator cuff of your shoulder is crushed between the acromion and the rest of the shoulder joint. This might result in pain, irritation, stalling, and inflammation as a consequence of the situation. Furthermore, bone spurs may cause the region around your rotator cuff to become more constrictive. This may cause it to rub on the acromion, resulting in increased discomfort.

Who Is Predisposed to Shoulder Impingement and How Do You Prevent It?

People who use their shoulders on a regular basis are more prone to develop shoulder impingement, which is caused by overuse of the shoulder joint. Athletes who participate in sports that demand a lot of overhand rotation are more prone to suffer from shoulder impingement. These are some of the most common sports that induce shoulder impingement, according to the American Chiropractic Association:

It is common for people who have been diagnosed with shoulder impingement to think that they will need to take prescription medications or undergo surgery to address the condition. There are, fortunately, other alternatives.

Treatment for Shoulder Impingement Using Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

Finding a chiropractor in your neighborhood should be the first step you take after making this decision. When it comes to alleviating the symptoms of shoulder impingement and getting you back on track to full recovery, chiropractic therapy is a natural, safe, and effective option. In addition, your chiropractor may guide you through the following exercises, which have a 98 percent success rate, with the help of your physician. Here's a quick outline of how to go about achieving them:

  1. To begin, hold the bar with both hands for a maximum of thirty seconds per day for a few minutes, starting with one hand. Take a one-minute pause in between each episode that is dangling.
  2. Shoulder lifts with little weights should be performed after you have successfully extended your arm 90 degrees without experiencing any pain. Maintain a straight back and raise your arms to the side until they are directly over your head to complete the movement. Lift the weights forward as soon as you are able to do so without feeling any pain. At long last, draw them back.

If you are able to do this without experiencing any pain, you have successfully resolved shoulder impingement. On the other hand, you must take steps to ensure that this situation does not return in the future. In order to prevent impingement, you must strengthen the muscles that move the upper arm away from the shoulder, so creating more room within the shoulder joint itself.

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