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Feeling Tired? Physical Therapy Can Fight Fatigue

Is your fatigue dragging you down? Life just isn’t fun when you’re constantly thinking of sinking into your bed. Put an end to your tiredness with physical therapy for fatigue.

The Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, you’ll probably notice several symptoms that have lasted for six months or more, including:

How Physical Therapy Can Help with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Physical therapy for fatigue is one of the best treatments, as it can help balance your nervous system and keep your body functioning better. With your body running at optimal levels, you’ll begin to notice your energy levels rising.

In particular, physical therapy for fatigue might include movement and strengthening exercises as well as manual therapy.

Movement and Strengthening Exercises for Fatigue

With this type of physical therapy for fatigue, we can prescribe specific movements that will strengthen your body and reduce tension.

Manual Therapy for Fatigue

With manual therapy for fatigue, we can manipulate tight bones, muscles, and joints to help them relax, reducing tension and stress in your body.

Get Physical Therapy for Fatigue Today

Put an end to your fatigue with physical therapy from one of our wellness experts. We can devise a fatigue physical therapy plan just for your needs to get you happy and healthy faster than ever. Give us a call today at 972-525-8753 to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Sharan Kaur Writer and Editor

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