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Pain Management in Dallas, Texas

Once a diagnosis is issued, chronic back pain management can begin. The path to recovery often starts with a combination of the following: • Ice and heat compressions • Rest and limited activity • Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications • Gentle stretching, Chiropractic Care or physiotherapy More severe chronic pain management requires a more assertive approach. Prescription strength painkillers, muscle relaxers or steroid injections are the next line of defense when treating chronic pain that does not respond to milder forms of treatment. While these methods are effective, they can be harsh on your body’s digestive and nervous systems and possess certain risks or side effects, such as the general feeling of detachment from life or the development of dependency. Those who live with chronic back pain aren’t only suffering from physical detriment but emotional distress as well. Depression, anger, anxiety and fear of re-injury are common secondary symptoms that can be helped with psychological therapy in addition to physical treatment. In the past, the most severe cases of chronic back pain were treated with open back surgery that involved significant surgical risks and a lengthy recovery time. Posture Perfect has developed alternative methods for chronic pain management. Treatment option vary from patient to patient but is extremely successful. For those who qualify, relief is highly probable and recovery is a fraction of the time it would take with open back surgery.

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