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Chiropractic Care

Luckily, with the help of chiropractor adjustments, many people can get back pain relief. We have a three step system to help live a normal life once again.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are by far our most common treatment. During an adjustment, we will apply pressure to your back and limbs in order to force your spine back into its proper position. This may involve thrusting on a vertebra to release pressure, all of which causes you a relieving sensation. Spinal manipulationcan be used to treat nearly every chiropractic issue, including back pain, neck pain, sciatica pain, herniated discs, and more.

How Does Chiropractic Treatment Work?  How Do Chiropractors in Dallas Treat Pain Patients?

Obviously, the main form of treatment for back pain and other chiropractic disorders is chiropractic adjustments. However, there are many other forms of treatment that can be used at our Dallas spine institute to provide relief for your suffering.   Any spine alignment issues in your body can cause drastic consequences, leading to a lack of mobility, decreased communication between your body’s systems, lower immune system function, decreased energy, and of course, pain. Our chiropractors use a special technique to get your body functioning correctly once again so you can enjoy life.

Step 1: Reduce Pain Symptoms: Short Term Relief Get Back Pain Relief from a Spine Expert: Phase 1

The catalyst for your visit to a pain specialist will most likely be pain. Therefore, our main goal is to help you get rid of this pain so you can return to a normal life. Over the course of a customized visit plan, we can help reduce chronic back pain, chronic neck pain, sciatica pain, shoulder pain, migraines, and more.  Obviously, the first step in helping you regain your life is to stop your pain. We offer treatment for back pain, neck pain treatment, low back pain treatment, sciatica treatment, bulging disc treatment, and spinal decompression treatment in an effort to lower inflammation and cure pain.

Step 2: Begin Chiropractic Rehabilitation: Long Term Relief Rehabilitation with Dallas Back Doctors: Phase 2

Usually, pain is an indication of a deeper underlying problem. In order to fix this problem, we will diagnosis the issue and recommend a series of treatments to help correct it. This can include exercises, stretches, stimulation therapy, and of course, chiropractic adjustments.   After treatment for back pain begins to reduce your suffering, you will have to begin strengthening your muscles to prevent symptoms from returning. In this phase of treatment, we will educate you on exercises to complete to improve your flexibility, range of motion, and mobility.

 Step 3: Maintain Your Health and Wellness: Prevent Recurrence Spine Care Maintenance from our Dallas Chiropractic and Spine Department: Phase 3

Once you have been healed and your pain is gone, it is important to maintain that healthy state. We will help keep you in good health by recommending an exercise program, providing you with a nutritional diet to follow, and monitoring your musculoskeletal system for any changes. So, why do you need care from our Dallas chiropractic clinic? Because we can help you regain control of your life and end your neck and back pain for good. Not sure what to expect when you first visit our Dallas chiropractic clinic? Don’t worry, because our experienced pain specialists will make you feel comfortable during your consultation. Each patient can expect to receive an individualized plan of care that will include a step-by-step guide to back pain relief. The last step of the process is to maintain your results. We can help you do this by teaching you how to live a healthy lifestyle and monitoring your health closely. By following all of these steps, our Dallas back doctors have helped thousands of patients in the University Park area find the back pain relief they crave and maintain a much higher quality of life as they age.

The First Visit

  1. Paperwork/Consultation
    • During the first visit, you will have to fill out some forms so our chiropractors can get a good sense of your medical history as well as what kind of back pain you are suffering from. After reviewing your forms, one of our chiropractors will talk directly with you to find out your condition and your expectations for treatment.
  2. Examination
    • After learning about you, our chiropractor will perform an examination to get a better idea of your physical wellbeing. This may include testing your reflexes, flexibility, range of motion, posture, and other physical and neurological tests.
  3. X-rays
    • In order to get a better idea of what is happening inside your body, we will most likely take an x-ray. This helps us to see what your spine looks like so that we can develop the most effective treatment plan.
  4. Review of Findings
    • Now that your chiropractor has all of this information, they will carefully review their findings with you. They may be able to diagnosis your problem right away or might explain any further tests they would like to complete. Additionally, they can give an overview of the cost of chiropractic care and how often you will need to come to the office.
  5. First Treatment
    • Once you’ve decided on a course of treatment, it makes sense to get started right away! With your permission, we’ll begin your first pain relief treatment, which may include a spinal adjustment,physical therapy, injections or other forms of therapy.
  6. A Complete Wellness Plan
    • In addition to your treatments, we would also like to offer you a chiropractic wellness plan to help modify your lifestyle. By recommending healthy habits, such as proper nutrition, at home exercises and stretches, and at home pain remedies, we can help you achieve a healthy spine faster than with treatment alone.

As you can see, your initial consultation can be very helpful in taking the first step towards back pain relief. At the following visits, we will perform several different kinds of pain relief treatments in order to get you back to a healthy state. We can help treat anything from sciatica pain to whiplash pain to lower back pain using our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. When you experience physical discomfort or pain, how can you be sure it is not something serious? There are some issues that require chiropractic care such as severe lower or upper back pain, and others that can you can treat on your own. There are times when it is best to find a chiropractor near you when the circumstances of your injury or pain have become too much! If you are looking for injury chiropractors in Dallas, Texas, then know you can trust the doctors at Posture Perfect Wellness Center – our services cover a wide range of treatment solutions. As the Posture Perfect name implies, we treat a variety of problems related to posture at our wellness center – employing chiropractors Dr Yaron Lohr  ) who have the knowledge and expertise to give you high-quality chiropractic care! Some things to look out for in your posture include:

You may notice that your posture while sitting or standing resembles these descriptions. If it does, you should consider chiropractic treatment to correct posture, improve mobility and reduce the effects and pain symptoms of a sore back. Do not trust just anyone with your health. We are a team of well-practiced medical professionals, and with training and real-life experience, we may be able to improve your quality of life. When you turn to us, you can help prevent further pain and injuries for the future. Our doctors take special care to analyze your issues and resolve any problems that may lead to greater aches. An unbalanced spine can cause a vast array of other health problems, which is why chiropractics is so important. You can see and feel the difference between a treated back and an untreated one. At work, at home, at play – anywhere! When you get your back treated, you may notice that normal activities are easier than ever before, and you will have more energy to go about your day. There is a reason why patients in Dallas depend on us. We pride ourselves on providing the help you need, when it matters most. We offer physical and other forms of therapy to see you through the end. rders.

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